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Newlytics Knowledgebase

Welcome to Newlytics! This Knowledgebase is here to guide you through the features and how you can use them. You can skip to each section in the menu on the left, or use the search to find something specific.

Definitions & Understanding

Learn the common definitions and terms you will find across this guide and Newlytics, and understanding how Newlytics works.

Setup & Settings

Get started creating your first campaign, and read more about the settings you can use to manage your campaigns.

The Tracking Code

Installing the analytics tracking code is the first step to getting data for each of your campaigns.

Set Up SEO Tracking

Track SEO results, keywords and search engine rankings with a simple keyword setup.

Set Up Budgets

Budgets are crucial for understanding how you are spending your money, and where your ROi is coming from.

Generate Reports

Create easy to understand reports, providing you with an overview of your results for each method.