Intelligent Marketing

Sifting through sheets of data is painful and time-consuming. More importantly, not every person is great with numbers. Newlytics helps you understand what your campaigns are doing, and what will happen when you make changes.

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intelligent marketing analytics software

Get Intelligence

Newlytics tracks your lead and sales data automatically, and uses machine learning to attribute costs, revenue and returns. With predictive, intelligent analytics, Newlytics gives you actionable insights into your marketing.

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Intelligent ROI Tracking

Discover how many leads you get come from your email, SEO or advertising campaigns, what your cost per lead is and more. With Newlytics, all it takes is one line of code and you're able to see how your campaigns are generating revenue.


Predict & Optimise

With machine learning, Newlytics predicts and recommends effective changes that you could make to improve your ROI. Modelling helps you understand the results of the changes you're planning on making.


Integrate with E-commerce

Newlytics integrates with common e-commerce platforms to automatically track sale values, making it easy to understand your marketing flow and investment returns.


Unified Reporting

With just one click of a button you can schedule a range of reports, such as marketing method reports, ROI reports, or lead reports to go out to whoever you want them to. Newlytics handles all the data for you, and sends the results out on a schedule.


Automated ROI Attribution

Set budgets and let Newlytics do the rest. It will automatically attribute costs and revenue to leads, and calculate your ROI and more with minimal input from you.


A Better Way to Do Data

Behaviour Analytics

Discover where people are coming from, how they got to the website and how they behaved. Link this behaviour to lead generation.

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Lead & Sale Tracking

Newlytics automatically captures leads generated by any form on a website, and keeps track of the actions that led to the lead.

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Advertising Analytics

Link your campaigns to Adwords accounts and keep track of your data. Newlytics automatically assigns budgets to your advertising avenues for you.

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Email Analytics

Link your campaigns to your Mailchimp account, keep track of important email campaign data and discover how your email campaigns generate leads and ROI.

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SEO Analytics

Keep track of keywords, search engine rankings and competitors. Newlytics attributes organic search results to leads for you with one simple tracking code.

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Using your data and machine learning, Newlytics helps you understand what improvements you should be making and how they'll affect your campaigns.

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Let Newlytics do the heavy lifting and generate automated reports, so you, your staff and your clients know what's happening with your campaigns.

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ROI Automation

Newlytics automatically attributes results to your marketing methods, making it easy for everybody to understand how revenue is generated.

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