7 Skills all Marketers Should Have

Published on 18 September, 2017

The marketing world is changing, and digital advertising now accounts for more expenditure than TV ads. That means that new marketers need a new set of skills and tools, and older marketers need to learn them. 

Understanding Analytics

Everything in digital marketing revolves around analytics, and marketing analytics platforms. It's all big data, data visualisations and number crunching. What makes this a tricky one, is that traditional marketers tend to be more creative and less analytical, but the new regime requires both skill sets. Making use of a simplified analytics platform can help bridge that gap.

Technical Skills

Being able to write HTML, or deal with statistical analysis is now expected to be part of your marketing skill set. In fact, most employers care less about your foundational marketing understanding, and more about your technical abilities.

Here is a great infographic from Formstack to help you along;